Activity Sensors

Masseter Headset System for Examinees

Model 76880HM

Price: $ 695.00

Designed for use in noisy environments - minimizes distraction and startle response for the subject while recording movements.

Activity Sensor Seat Pad for LX4000

Model 76879S

Price: $ 550.00

For use with the LX4000 Polygraph System, this Activity Sensor provides a graphic record of movement, the Activity Sensor allows the polygraph examiner to observe the examinee's responses that may not have been seen during observation.

Activity Sensor Arm Pads for LX4000

Model 76879A

Price: $ 595.00

For use with the LX4000 Polygraph System, this pair of activity sensors is utilized to detect movements of shoulders, forearms, and hands.

Activity Sensor Foot Pads for LX4000

Model 76879F

Price: $ 595.00

This pair of foot activity sensors is for use with the LX4000.

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