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Polygraph Remains our Top Priority

Lafayette, Indiana U.S.A, May 17, 2017 - Lafayette Instrument Company will no longer be a Converus Service Partner or provide EyeDetect systems/licenses.

"Polygraph is our top priority, our strength, and we know that we will be able to best serve our customers by focusing on their needs and the advancement of polygraph technology."
Jennifer Rider, President

Lafayette is the leading manufacturer of polygraph solutions; with many large-scale projects underway, it is well-positioned to launch the next generation of polygraph instruments, software, and training before the end of the year. In the years to come, Lafayette Instrument will continue to work with customers and partners to enhance and expand the already robust credibility assessment programs that are in operation around the world.


Lafayette Instrument Company was founded by a gifted young inventor 70 years ago and is now a highly skilled team of Engineers, Developers, Technicians, Support staff, and Production personnel specializing in electronics and instrumentation engineering and manufacturing for polygraph, life science, and human evaluation professionals.

It is our mission to develop and deliver industry-leading data acquisition and analysis solutions that advance safety, security, science and medicine.

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If you would like more information about this update, please contact Jennifer Rider at 1-765-423-1505 or email at


Lafayette Instrument Company was nominated for Small Business of the Year in Lafayette, IN. Below is a video about our company.

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Vision: Benefit the credibility assessment profession and enhance security and safety worldwide.

April 4, 2016

Lafayette Instrument is pleased to announce the official launch of their newest polygraph endeavor. A new training facility, named Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center, is operational, effective immediately. The school is headquartered in Cape Coral, Florida under the guidance and leadership of Director Ben Blalock. Ben has a tremendous following and excellent credentials (Federally trained examiner and interrogator, published author, former military, Masters level education, and experienced teacher and guest lecturer). Tracey Stewart will be the school's Office Manager while continuing to provide polygraph support to Lafayette customers.

The first course offered is a Basic Examiner's Course which starts on April 25th, 2016. There are still seats available for this inaugural training class. All varieties of polygraph training will be available including classes hosted at offsite facilities.

To learn more about the school, or to register for a class, please visit

Lafayette Instrument will continue its partnerships with existing third-party schools by offering the same high level of support those directors, instructors, and students have come to expect.

For more information regarding this release, please contact:

Jennifer Rider, President and Chief Executive Officer
+1 (765) 423-1505

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February 4th, 2016

The Vice President of Lafayette Instrument Company's (LIC's) Polygraph Division, Chris Fausett, will be retiring on March 4th, 2016 after 33 years with the company. During his tenure, Chris helped to propel the company to the forefront of polygraph instrumentation manufacturing. He gave generously of his time and resources to help educate examiners and bolster the profession as a whole. Chris' commitment is further demonstrated by his curation of dozens of polygraph historical artifacts, many of which are on display at the company's headquarters. With guidance from Chris, Lafayette Instrument company has been able to partner with 43 representatives and dealers, selling to 80 countries around the world.

Chris and the management team have a very strong polygraph sales and support group, and they have worked for two years on the succession plan for this division to ensure continuity and quality of service.

Chris' successor is Steve Rider. Steve is the son of longtime LIC President, Roger McClellan. Steve joined Lafayette Instrument Company in August 2014 but he has had close ties with the company since Roger purchased it in 1995. Steve is currently the Service, Polygraph Sales, and IT Manager; he will be promoted to Vice President, effective March 7th, 2016. Steve's military background with the United States Marine Corps and his 16 years of technology leadership experience make him the ideal candidate for this position.

Both the Lafayette Instrument Company Board and its employees are deeply appreciative of the service which Chris Fausett has given to our company and the community, and we wish him and his family well for the future.

Jennifer Rider
President & CEO
Lafayette Instrument Company

Please direct questions to or call (765) 423-1505.


Lafayette Instrument Co. Signs Partner Deal with New Lie Detection Technology Startup Converus

Lafayette President and CEO Jennifer Rider says the company has been watching for new technologies to enhance its lie detection business. Her company, the world's largest polygraph instrument manufacturer, is now authorized to sell EyeDetect - the new technology that monitors involuntary eye behavior to detect deception.


LEHI, Utah - Feb. 1, 2016 - Lafayette Instrument Company (LIC), the world's largest manufacturer of polygraph instruments recently signed an exclusive agreement as a Converus Premiere Service Partner, making it the only polygraph manufacturer authorized to sell EyeDetect - the world's first ocular-motor based lie detection technology.


"Monitoring eye movement or pupil dilation is actually something that had come up on our radar a few years prior, but just hasn't received traction, momentum or support because it hadn't been productized - until EyeDetect came to the market," said LIC President and CEO Jennifer Rider. "We try to keep an eye on progressive developments from a technology standpoint with other channels, tools and data that could potentially benefit polygraph instrumentation or the process."


EyeDetect uses an infrared eye tracker to monitor involuntary eye behavior - including pupil dilation, blink rate and fixations - to detect deception while a person answers true/false questions on a computer screen. The test takes 30 minutes and provides a "truthful" or "deceptive" score in less than five minutes. Polygraph exams, the long-time standard for lie detection, require a trained examiner, take at least 90 minutes to conduct, and reports can sometimes take hours to receive. "Based on accuracy rates, the polygraph and EyeDetect are the only two truly viable lie detection technologies currently on the market," said Converus President and CEO Todd Mickelsen. "Having Lafayette Instrument Company as a partner will open a lot of doors for us and help the entire lie detection industry." Field tests show EyeDetect is 85 percent accurate. When used in conjunction with the polygraph, and when both tests have the same result, accuracy reaches about 97 percent, says Mickelsen.


Rider, a very forward-thinking CEO who joined LIC in February 2012 after a 12-year career with Charles Schwab leading active trader technology, never felt EyeDetect was a threat to the polygraph industry or her business.


"I don't think that way," said Rider. "It feels unnatural and counter-intuitive to me to think that progress is not a good thing, or an opportunity. From the moment I joined Lafayette, I was immediately watching, listening, reading and looking for what's next - because what's 'now' is good. But good can always be better, and you don't know what form that might take."


The day trader environment taught Rider that change is the order of the day, and the importance of being open to cutting edge technology.


"For me, it's more disconcerting to be stagnant," said Rider. "If a new technology allows you to have a wider reach, then I see that as being a good thing. The EyeDetect technology will not cannibalize the polygraph market. Rather, it's going to grow the market and address unmet credibility assessment needs."


Rider added that the strong connection the Converus Science Team has with the polygraph community only added to the credibility of this new technology. Two of the five scientists, Drs. David Raskin and John Kircher, are not only world-renowned polygraph experts, but also credited with inventing the computerized polygraph. This science team worked for more than 13 years on fine-tuning this new ocular-motor based lie detection technology.


Companies and federal governments throughout Central and South America have been using EyeDetect for pre-employment screening of job candidates and periodic testing of current employees since 2014. Now Converus has turned its focus on the U.S. market and establishing strategic partnerships with companies like Lafayette Instrument Company. Mickelsen claims EyeDetect is not only ideal for screening job candidates in government, law enforcement and corrections, but also visa applicants, immigrants, sex offenders, probationers and parolees.
For more information, visit


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About Converus®

Converus ("with truth") is committed to providing trustworthy, technological solutions for deception detection. EyeDetect®, a product 10 years in the making, is the first ocular-motor deception test (ODT) solution for deception detection. The same scientists credited with computerizing the polygraph in 1991 created it. EyeDetect is an accurate, cost-effective, efficient, secure, and nonintrusive method for businesses to manage risk and ensure workplace integrity, and for law enforcement agencies and governments to detect deception. The company was formed in 2009 and is currently headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA. For more information, visit



Lafayette Instrument Co. Announces Operational and Product Updates

New systems and products prepare LIC and customers for the future.

Lafayette, IN, December 30, 2015 - Lafayette Instrument Company (LIC) today announced equipment purchases made in 2015 to improve product quality and operational efficiency. These purchases include a 3D printer for making prototypes and small plastic parts, a flatbed UV LED printer to replace screen printing, and a Vapor Phase Soldering Oven to replace an older model.

The 3D printer allows LIC to prototype quickly and iterate on design ideas without waiting on materials or components from third party providers. The new UV LED printer allows greater speed, precision, and variety of printing. The finished product is also very durable. And finally, the new soldering oven is faster, more accurate, and it provides more even temperature distribution. All of the new equipment helps to ensure higher quality products while keeping the cost of manufacturing down. These investments show that while the company is nearly 69 years old, it is still an industry leader in terms of using the best and most current technology available.

Additionally, the company has undergone security updates, facility updates and reorganization to prepare for the new year, new customers, and new products as well as providing optimal support for existing customers and products.

In the first half of the year, Lafayette Instrument Company introduced Scurry Activity Monitoring Systems for Neuroscience and PI-DAS as a new credibility assessment tool in the Polygraph product line. In the second half of the year, LIC began making improvements to their various websites to make online ordering easier and the mobile experience better. This work will continue into the first half of 2016. New partnerships are also underway to develop custom product solutions, greater distribution of existing products and to bring new products to market in 2016.

The executive management team is very pleased to be able to reinvest in the great company in support of its mission to "Deliver robust and effective customer-driven instrumentation and software solutions to enable data collection and analysis."

For more information, contact: Jennifer Rider, President, at



News Release
For Immediate Release

LAFAYETTE, IN - Lafayette Instrument Company, Inc. is delighted to announce strategic changes to its management team.

Jennifer Rider, current Vice President and Chief Information Officer, has been promoted to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1st, 2015. Jennifer is a graduate of Purdue University and the National Polygraph Academy and she spent more than a decade in Financial Services technology leadership in Austin, Texas prior to joining Lafayette Instrument in February 2012.

Terry Echard, President and General Manager of Lafayette Instrument, will continue to provide leadership at Lafayette Instrument as the Vice President and General Manager of the Life Sciences division. Terry has been with Lafayette Instrument since 1989 and has served the company in various capacities given his depth of expertise and versatility. We are grateful to have had Terry at the helm during the last two years; he helped ensure continuity and success following the loss of our former President, Roger McClellan.

Finally, Chris Fausett will continue as our Vice President and General Manager of the Polygraph division. Chris has been with Lafayette Instrument for 32 years and, like Terry, has served in numerous roles and has extensive experience in all aspects of Lafayette Instrument’s business.

Jennifer, Terry and Chris are partners, and alongside Lora McClellan, they serve on Lafayette Instrument’s Board of Directors.

We are excited about the updates to our management team. We believe that these changes will allow Lafayette Instrument to continue to provide quality products and service to our customers and to continue to be a leader in the polygraph and life sciences industries.

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