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LXEdge Full Release Notes

Question Last Updated on: 3/15/2024

Major Updates

  • Overhaul of Question Set Template Selector
    • Question Set templates can now be organized into folders
    • Templates can be dragged from one folder to another folder
    • Default Question Set templates are now organized into folders (Lafayette, AIIP, APA)
    • Known issue: Search function does not work
  • Overhaul of Question Set Editor
    • Efficiently make use of available space
    • Added button for speak the text
    • Sequence-related changes
      • Sequences are always visible
      • Moved to top of page
      • Selecting a Sequence changes questions in list below
      • Dragging reorders the questions; new order is reflected in list below
    • Removed the "Reorder Questions" button; no longer relevant with the added ability to reorder sequences through drag and drop
  • Overhaul of PF Structure (impacts both PF templates and running PFs)
    • Scoresheets and Reports are now subsets of a Series; Series within a PF are no longer required to all have the same Scoresheet and/or Report items
    • PF Templates created in previous versions of LXEdge will be converted to the new format.
    • PFs created in previous versions of LXEdge will be converted to the new format. Before conversion, a copy of the PF is placed in "My LXEdge/Legacy PFs".
    • Important Note: PF Templates and PFs created starting with the latest version (1.1.0) of LXEdge will not open in earlier versions of LXEdge (1.0.1 and earlier)
  • Changes to PF Template Editor
    • Scoresheet and Report have been moved from the "Add Item" button located outside the Series to the "Add Item" button located inside the Series
  • Changes while running a PF
    • User has options of:
      • Starting with a custom PF template with Series that contain all the desired Charts, Scoresheets, and Reports
      • Adding all Series, Charts, Scoresheets, and Reports as needed; previously Scoresheets and Reports were not able to be added while running PF
      • Some combination of these two options
    • "Add Chart" button has been removed from bottom of the navigation bar (was located above "AddSeries")
    • A new "+" button has been added to the Series. This allows adding a Chart, Scoresheet, or Report while running a PF; previously the user had no easy way to do so if item was not already in PF template.
  • Added ability to save a Question Set from a Chart as either a "Template" or a "PF Template"
    • To Access, click the "Edit Questions" (pencil) button in lower left corner and then "Save As" in upper right corner
    • "Save as a Template?" brings up dialog for specifying folder and name for storing the template. This template can then be used in any future PF.
    • "Save as PF Question Set?" brings up dialog for specifying name. The template will be stored inside the "Question Sets" folder within the PF and is available for use in later series within this PF.
    • After adding a new Series, the PF Question Set Templates appear in a list near the bottom of the control for picking the template.

Minor Updates

  • Changed default camera setting from "Video" to "Audio/Video"
  • The name of the Question Set and Sequence number now appear in the lower left corner of the chart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the logic used to check if firmware updates are needed for DAS or other hardware. Include the latest LX6 and LXCAT firmware versions.
  • Fixed typo in the default Report Template. (changed Examiner to Examinee in one place)
  • Resolved issues related to chart review and media replay
    • When clicking on a question, chart now scrolls so that the question's onset appears on the right edge of the chart instead of centering the question in middle of chart
    • Resolved issue that chart replay would restart from beginning when pressing play after clicking on a question
    • Known issue: Questions do not automatically advance during replay

Known Issue

  • After extensive single session use, LXEdge may exhibit sluggish behavior. Restarting LXEdge when possible will restore performance.

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