LX6 Accessories

Examiner Headset System

Model 76880H

Price: $ 450.00

The Lafayette Instrument Examiner Headset is meant to be used in conjunction with the Examinee Masseter Headset to facilitate question recording and two-way communication. The professional quality headset is specially designed to work with LXSoftware. It is ideally suited for Examiners who have to work in noisy environments.

Standard Kovacic Arm Cuff for LX6 (24-46 cm)

Model 76530-6

Price: $ 130.00

Standard Kovacic-style blood pressure cuff for the LX6 eliminates problems associated with a loosely wrapped cuff and ensures that the cuff does not shift away from the brachial artery during application. In addition, the center of the bladder is clearly marked on the inner and outer surface of the cuff for correct application on either right or left limb.

Forearm Kovacic Arm Cuff for LX6 (18-26 cm)

Model 76531-6

Price: $ 130.00

Designed for use on individuals who are smaller, this Kovacic-style cuff eliminates problems associated with a loosely wrapped cuff.

Large Arm Kovacic Arm Cuff for LX6 (32-60 cm)

Model 76534-6

Price: $ 130.00

Designed for individuals with large upper arms, this Kovacic-style cuff eliminates problems associated with a loosely wrapped cuff.

Wrist Kovacic Arm Cuff for LX6 (10-14 cm)

Model 76532-6

Price: $ 120.00

Designed to be used on the wrist or arms that are 10-14cm in circumference. Our patented Kovacic style cuff eliminates problems associated with a loosely wrapped cuff.

Rakes Deluxe Forearm Cuff for LX6 (19-34)

Model 76531BR-6

Price: $ 350.00

Rakes Deluxe Forearm Cuff consists of two components: a forearm cuff and stand. The design allows for the elimination or reduction of pressure naturally applied on the cuff by the arm's weight.

Cradle for Forearm Cuff

Model 5-278-0040

Price: $ 250.00

Plastic cradle that provides added comfort, stability, and minimizes the pressure on the forearm cardio cuff that could cause movement artifacts.

Pinch Clip for Pump Bulb

Model 76506PC

Price: $ 5.00

Pinch clip for Pumb Bulb Assemblies

10ft PLE/PPG for LX6

Model 76604-6

Price: $ 495.00

The Photoelectric Plethysmograph (PLE/PPG), is a finger sensor used to measure the rapidly occurring relative changes in pulse blood volume.

7ft EDA Cable Only for LX6

Model 76643-6

Price: $ 225.00

Cable connecting the EDA channel with two snap connectors. The snap connectors accommodate stainless steel EDA finger plates or EDA disposable snap electrodes, depending on the electrode used by the polygraph examiner. Designed for use with LX6 computerized polygraph systems.

7ft EDA Cable with Electrodes for LX6

Model 76640-6

Price: $ 250.00

For use with LX6, this EDA Assembly has been designed for maximum efficiency and serviceability. It includes an EDA Cable Plus 2 Reusable Snap Electrodes and 50 Disposable Electrodes.

Blue Color-Coded Pneumatic Pneumo Assembly for LX6

Model 76513-6B

Price: $ 130.00

Blue Pneumatic Pneumo Assembly for use with our LX6 only.

Silver Color-Coded Pneumatic Pneumo Assembly for LX6

Model 76513-6T

Price: $ 130.00

Silver Pneumatic Pneumo Assembly for use with our LX6 only.

Beaded Chain Extender for All Chest Assemblies

Model 76513BC

Price: $ 25.00

Set of two beaded chains 2 feet in length

Vital Parts Kit for LX6

Model 76713-6

Price: $ 750.00

Vital Parts Kit that includes Pump Bulb Assembly, Blue Pneumo, Sliver Pneumo, Standard Arm Cuff, Package of Disposable EDA Sensors, Snap-On EDA Sensors, and an EDA Cable for the LX6.

O-Ring Kit for LX6

Model 76748O-6

Price: $ 35.00

Includes 20 O-Ring seals for quick disconnects with a tool for installation.

Pneumatic Sensor Connection Cable for LX6

Model 76878CBL-6

Price: $ 160.00

Connection Cable for Pneumatic Sensors for use with the LX6.

Quick Connect Kit to LX6

Model 76748-6

Price: $ 75.00

Adapter connection for LX5000 pneumo, cuff, and pump bulb to be compatible with the Lafayette LX6.

Disposable Solid Gel EDA Electrodes (50 pack)

Model 76642R

Price: $ 40.00

Disposable Solid Gel EDA Electrodes (50 pack) with an improved shelf life.

Computerized Polygraph Functionality Check Device

Model 76740LX

Price: $ 500.00

This device is used in conjunction with a Lafayette computerized polygraph and LXSoftware to check the functionality of EDA, Cardio and Pneumograph components. Lafayette Instrument Company recommends performing a Functionality Check when the examiner suspects a functionality problem.

USB Connection Cable

Model 3-952-019

Price: $ 25.00

Replacement USB Connection Cable for Lafayette Polygraph LX4000, LX5000, and LX6 Instruments.

USB HD Webcam


Price: $ 220.00

Enjoy full HD (1920x1080) video resolution this tripod-ready webcam that fits laptops, LCD or monitors.

Storage Backpack

Model LX-1050BP

Price: $ 180.00

Standard with the LX6, this Lafayette-branded backpack fits laptops with up to 16 inch screens with many other features.

Portable Carrying Case

Model LX-1050

Price: $ 145.00

This expandable capacity carrying case has a compartment and padding to fully protect your laptop during storage with a large number of organizational pockets used for storing a polygraph system and accessories.

Carrying Pouch for LX6/LX5000


Price: $ 50.00

Protective Pouch for storing and carrying the Lafayette Instrument Company both the LX6 and LX5000 Computerized Polygraph System instruments.

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