LX6 System

Trade Up to a New Lafayette Polygraph System

Did you know that Lafayette Instrument even accepts trade-ins of polygraph systems from other manufacturers?


Upgrade from a Lafayette Polygraph System

Receive a discount of up to $ 2,000.00 for an LX5000 or $ 1,500.00 for an LX4000.

Upgrade from another Polygraph Manufacturer's System

Receive a discount up to $ 1,500.00 when upgrading to a Lafayette Polygraph from a Computerized System from Axciton, Stoelting, or Limestone.

Upgrade from a Voice Stress System

Receive a discount up to $ 500.00 when upgrading to a Lafayette Polygraph from a voice stress system.

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We will be happy to help you through the process of upgrading your system!


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