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Masseter Headset System for Examinees

Model 76880HM

Price: $ 790.00


Designed for use in noisy environments - minimizes distraction and startle response for the subject while recording movements.


The Masseter Headset System is designed to detect and record movements in the Masseter muscle of the mandibular region during the recording phase of a polygraph examination, sensing activities of the tongue, clenching of teeth, and other jaw-line actions. The Headset is fitted with a highly sensitive transducer that allows for on-screen display of the Masseter muscle activity.


  • Designed for use in noisy environments - minimizing distraction and startle response for the subject
  • Passive noise reduction of up to 24 dB
  • Flexible noise-canceling microphone
  • Extra soft ear pads for maximum comfort
  • Single USB connection powers the device and accommodates both the audio and Masseter sensor data
  • Subject and examiner headsets available


Optional Accessories

Examiner Headset System
Examiner Headset System
Model 76880H

The Lafayette Instrument Examiner Headset is meant to be used in conjunction with the Examinee Masseter Headset to facilitate question recording and two-way communication. The professional quality headset is specially designed to work with LXSoftware. It is ideally suited for Examiners who have to work in noisy environments.

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