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Designed with the future in mind, LXEdge is compatible with the Lafayette LX6 and offers many of the key features of LXSoftware with major updates to improve the efficiency of your examination process.


LXEdge is now available!

Lafayette Instrument is excited to release LXEdge, our next-generation polygraph software. Downloads are available now via the software downloads area on our website. A valid LX6 serial number is required for download.

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LX6 + LXEdge is the future. Are you ready?

Looking to improve your process? You'll need an LX6. Did you know that we even accept trade-ins of polygraph systems from other manufacturers? Check out our trade-up program!

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Visit our ever-expanding online knowledgebase to learn more about how to perform various actions in LXEdge.

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  • Modern, neatly designed, organized, and intuitive User Interface (UI)
    • Easier to learn
    • Improves operational efficiency
    • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Improved interfaces for customizing templates and question sets
  • Architected to support NEW (forthcoming) assisted scoring capabilities
  • Simplified installation and upgrade process
    • No 3rd-party USB drivers
    • Windows Registry will not be used to store user Preferences
  • Updated development framework which supports
    • Enhanced functionality
    • New software and device integration opportunities
    • Rapid development and testing
    • Touch screens and other high-resolution displays


Minimum Computer System Requirements*

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz or faster with 2 or more cores
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows® 10 (10.0.10240.0 or later), or Windows® 11
  • Requires .Net Framework 4.7.1
  • Storage: 500 MB
  • Display: High definition (1280 x 720) display that is greater than 14" diagonally with at least 8 bits per color channel.
  • Keyboard and mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Available USB Ports (1.1 and above).
  • Sound card required for multimedia capabilities.
  • Digital video camera required for video capture. Logitech or Microsoft web camera recommended.
  • External Microphone may be required for recording audio, depending upon host computer's configuration (e.g. no built-in microphone), examine / examinee location, ambient noise, etc.

* Additional resources may be required for certain video devices. Always consult the documentation for any selected video device to ensure the host computer meets the stated system requirements.


Product Manuals


Software Updates

Software Devices OS
LXEdge 1.1.1
LX6 Windows 10, 11 Download
LXEdge 1.1
LX6 Windows 10, 11 Download
LXEdge 1.0.1
LX6 Windows 10, 11 Download

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