Our Windows-based systems offer unparalleled ease of use and proven reliability. Compatible with all Lafayette LX4000, LX5000, and LX6 systems.


Our Windows-based systems offer unparalleled ease of use and proven reliability. LXSoftware is bundled with the PolyScore and Objective Scoring System (OSS-3) scoring algorithms.

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  • Supports new Masseter Headphone System!
  • Updated Drug Reference
  • Added Administrative Opinion to the Final Call options
  • Lafayette PI-DAS can be used as an EDA sensor
  • New Multimedia Bar shows duration of multimedia presented
  • Ability to see unique serial number of attached DAS


  • LX6 Support
    • Requires LXSoftware version 11.7.1 or above
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11
    • Mac support is also available via Parallels® or another virtualization software.
  • New Respiration Line Excursion (RLE) Tool
    • The RLE tool measures the ratio of the relevant response divided by the comparison response and produces a suggested pneumograph score. As the examiner selects a relevant question, the tool normalizes it to all other questions on the chart and displays the R/C measurement ratio.
  • New ESS-M Report Generator
    • Uses scores from the manual score sheet to formulate a printable report and summary conclusion paragraph to describe the test results of event-specific and multi-issue exams.
    • Report includes both a categorical result and a statistical classifier in the form of a p-value, confidence level or odds ratio, and also includes the manual scores and information about test accuracy.
    • NEW ESS-Multinomial (ESS-M) reference distributions
    • Support for the vasomotor (PLE/PPG) sensor
    • Bayesian analytic model in the ESS interpreter
    • A test of proportions to calculate whether artifacts are random or possible countermeasures
    • Support for two-stage and sub-total scoring rules
  • PLE Pulse Amplitude Tool
    • A virtual sensor derived from the PPG sensor providing a visual comparison of the pulse amplitude changes in the PPG data around the question onsets.
  • EDA Design (6) EDA choices (GSR or GSC - Tilt table, detrended, and automatic)
    • Supports the LX5000 GSR or GSC modes
    • Automatic: classical high-pass filter solution to EDA signal processing. Attempts to keep the trace centered on a common baseline.
    • Manual: examiner is in charge of controlling the sensor trace via centering, sensitivity, and slope adjustments. The slope may be adjusted via a slider control under the sensor arrow.
    • Detrended: hands-off solution with extremely high correspondence with the manual EDA. Attempts to keep the trace centered on a common baseline, but the sensor trace is not permitted to dip below its corresponding sensor arrow.

PolyScore Note
APL has removed PolyScore's compatibility with Windows Vista and older. Due to security and functionality concerns, Lafayette Instrument advises users to upgrade to at least Windows 10.


Minimum Computer System Requirements*

  • Intel® 5th Generation or newer or equivalent AMD processor recommended
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Requires .Net Framework 4.7.1
  • 20 GB available hard drive for video recording
  • Windows 10, 11
  • 1280x800 or higher monitor resolution
  • Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 1GB of memory
  • Audio Output
  • Keyboard and mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Available USB 2.0/3.0 Ports. Connecting a video camera to an external USB hub is not recommended.
  • Digital sound card required for multimedia capabilities.
  • Digital video camera required for video capture. Logitech or Microsoft web camera recommended. Many popular IP (networked) cameras are supported by LXSoftware.**
  • External Microphone may be required for recording audio, depending upon host computer's configuration (e.g. no built-in microphone), examine / examinee location, ambient noise, etc.

* Additional resources may be required for certain video devices. Always consult the documentation for any selected video device to ensure the host computer meets the stated system requirements.

** IP cameras may experience audio/video lag or other undesirable behavior. The use of a directly-attached camera is highly recommended.

Windows Compatibility Statement
LXSoftware remains compatible with Windows 7 and 8, but Microsoft has ended support for both operating systems. There will no longer be updates or security patches for these operating systems. As a result of these changes, Lafayette Instrument Company highly recommends all users upgrade to at least Windows 10 in order to continue receiving the requisite updates for security and stability.


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Software Updates

Software Devices OS
LXSoftware Bundle 11.8.7 with Polyscore and OSS-3
Version: 11.8.7
LX6, LX5000, LX4000 Windows 10, 11 Download
LXSoftware 11.8.6 Bundle with Polyscore and OSS-3
LX6, LX5000, LX4000 Windows 10, 11 Download
LXSoftware 11.8.5 Bundle with Polyscore and OSS-3
Version: 11.8.5
LX6, LX5000, LX4000 Windows 10, 11 Download


Required Accessories

LX6 Polygraph System
LX6 Polygraph System
Model LX6-S

Lafayette's next generation 10-channel polygraph system with accessories.

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